Alba is a wonder of nature. She is a precios filly as you can see in the pictures and she is.. albino. It means she does not have any pigmentation in her skin and her eyes are unusually clear, just like with people.

She has come from the judicial seizure in Peñafiel (Valladolid), like all of our horses…

That case that was found out in spring 2016 is now in the courts and Scooby is the personal accuser against the owner of the finca.

It was a terrible story, they found about a dozen animals, a mulem, horses and donkeys in a very terrible state and two animals already had died of thirst and hunger, besides being tied up. A real horror story.

But Alba is doing very well at our place, we are even thinkingabout getting her sunglasses toprotect he rsensitive eyes from the Castillian sun! And of course at the same time find her a sunscreen lotion strong enough for her very delicate skin!

If you likehorses, you wil llove Alba and she will love it ifyou can help her forget the hellhole she was in and enjoy her life at Scooby with her Friends.




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