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HOW TO HELP US Throughout 2017 in Spain 137,000 domestic animals were abandoned. The main causes are unwanted litters and the end of the hunting season. At our shelters arrive an average of 4 or 5 new animals per day. We are aware that this problem has very deep roots in our society but it […]


Volunteering   Scooby welcomes volunteers from all over the world. Whether it is short or long term, we are looking for people to help in the preparing of food, feeding the dogs, cleaning the paddocks, providing the dogs with attention, and the many other jobs that come with working at a shelter. Scooby will provide […]

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We are looking for volunteers to come to the shelter of Medina del Campo, in Zamora or residence of Valladolid to help prepare the food, clean the yard, feed the animals and give them a lot of love, as well as other tasks of Work in the shelter. Any help is welcome by the little […]

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