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Galgos & Podencos



Eighty per cent of the dogs rescued by Scooby are a result of hunting. Most of them are simply “discarded” by huntsmen and galgueros (Spanish greyhound breeders) when they are no longer profitable, and are mainly galgos and podencos.

The over-breeding of these animals in the hope of getting a “winner” amongst countless litters makes our work never-ending. It is thanks to international adoptions that we can continue with our work rescuing more animals. We organise about 20 trips around Europe per year in order to take our dogs to their new adoptive homes. In addition, we are seeing an increase in the number of adoptions from the USA. Scooby rescues around 600 galgos a year, some handed over by their “owners” but most are found wandering the streets, abandoned. Many of these are hurt or arrive with physical wounds after being hit by cars, and so require medical attention and sometimes surgery, which is all very costly. Not to mention the emotional scars a lot of them are left with. Most can be re-homed after a lot of care and effort, but the most traumatized cases normally stay on with us.

Unfortunately, it is a different story for podencos, mixed-raced, elderly and sick dogs. They are the “invisible or forgotten dogs”, who can spend years in the shelter and even end up dying here. Would you like to meet them and maybe give them a chance to find their forever home?


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