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Our Mission


  • To improve animal welfare and bring about an end to animal cruelty, neglect, overbreeding and abandonment through rescue, rehabilitation, veterinary treatment.
  • To change attitudes towards animal welfare positively through education and publicity.
  • To arrive at a situation in which animals are seen as sentient beings and companions.



“Transforming animals’ lives and changing attitudes”.

  • Continue to rescue neglected animals but eventually close the doors because need for rescue is eradicated
  • Engagement with local council and government
  • Bring about consistent law enforcement
  • Improve shelter facilities to become an efficient (including energy efficient) and model shelter in Spain
  • Have a long-term funding plan and steady income
  • Continuously improve the staff animal care skills
  • Have an education and outreach programme
  • Institute animal therapy / assistance within the community
  • Combine with coalition of animal protection organisations in Spain



  • Zero tolerance of animal abuse in society. Confront and challenge issues which put animals at risk
  • Be the voice for the animals in Spain
  • High ethics and integrity
  • High standards of shelter management and animal care within the shelter




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