Paris is a beautiful and charming brindle mastiff who, unfortunately, was born with twisted femurs, which caused her a lot of issues despite her young age (around two years).

She was really skinny and could hardly stand when she arrived at Scooby.

She has undergone two operations at a clinic in Madrid specialising in traumatology.

The second procedure was a bit more serious than the first, as they had to break her femurs in order to straighten them.

Many of you kindly donated money to help pay for her operations, so, thank you.

After a few weeks of rehabilitation, Paris was able to return to Scooby, where she is continuing her rehab at Fermín’s in the company of Floren, Nerón and the rest of the pack.

Please help us help Paris recover completely!

Paris is happy and doing well, although she has been left with a slight limp



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