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Rescue Centre

What began in an old ruin with bed frames as fencing, and an old run down warehouse, both without electricity, heat or water, has moved into a new refuge facility. In 2001 the land, right across the old warehouse, with a size of 90,000 square meters (22 scres), was purchased with the help of a great many people in various countries. We had something “in common”, we succeeded in acting like the United Nations in order to save the Galgos, which proves that any problems you encounter both as human beings and as animals are international ones. Something that would not have been possible without the wonderful “tool” called Internet.

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As mentioned before, we purchased the land, started building on it and are still busy building on it. We have several different free-range paddocks, each with covered sections or wooden houses for during the night and to protect against the elements of nature. Through the years we were able expend further, depending on new available funds, and we were able to create a proper office, surgery room and warehouses for storage of food, laundry (blankets, towels, coats, etc.) and medical supplies. Moreover, there are 8 large and 5 small quarantine kennels accommodating the new entries and those dogs requiring special treatment.

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There is a fully equipped kitchen, two bathrooms with showers, one for ladies and one for gentlemen, donated caravans to offer the visiting volunteers a free accommodation, a bathroom for the dogs and a recovery room for dogs after medical treatment. And above all the luxury of being able to use electricity and water! All together, there are enough facilities to take care of the 450 dogs on average that live in our shelter, and to be able to offer them a place to live. A decent place compared to a home situation after adoption, a perfect place compared to how they would end up without our shelter and your help.

Vets from all over the world have been here on a voluntary basis to carry out the castrations for it would be impossible for us to pay the cost for all operations in the local animal clinics. And since we have our own clinic on site, we invite the vets reading our pages and willing to help to come here. They can do castrations and carry out all the veterinary treatments necessary at the time.

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Since 2006 we have been constructing an education centre at our property, with the aim to offer a small-scale lecture programme and supporting learning materials to schools, the local community, authorities and visitors to our shelter. Ducks, geese, battery hens, sheep, goats, pigs, ponies, two raccoons and many donkeys live here together in freedom, peace and harmony. Our aim is to teach the people about animal welfare and environmental issues. Further expansion of the rescue centre is not possible at this moment, for we have no capacity to take care of the dogs that we already have. Further, we are gradually refurbishing the existing buildings because with the hundreds of dogs present, they are able to destroy nearly everything!

As a result of this, again we wish to invite all those able to help, especially electricians, masons, fitters or plumbers. Or the ones who simply have skillful hands and wish to lend us a hand for we always have more than enough work. So anybody willing to spend some time at Scooby, and not afraid of some hard work, you are always very welcome. However, please bear in mind that we have a great number of animals and even if the animal shelter is in a very good condition it may not be what you are used to in other countries, although few of the animal shelters in other countries probably accommodate that many animals. Anyway, you will always find people here who are willing to work, lend a hand and who will support you in everything you may need.

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On average the Scooby rescue centre accommodates about 450 dogs, mainly Galgos, and 50 cats approx. It is rare that we ever have less than 300 Galgos, and in order to cope with all the expenses we need your financial support – this is evident. However, our most urgent and important task is to find the animals a new home. We succeed in finding new homes for the animals gradually and with the assistance of the organizations we cooperate with in Europe and the USA, but in order to save more, the number of adoptions will have to grow, and there are a great number of dogs on the waiting list for adoption.

We do not wish for Scooby to turn into a camp of Galgos that will never have the opportunity to move to a new home, and this is why the number of animals entering must not exceed the number of animals being adopted, otherwise we could never handle the work in the years to follow.

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For this reason, we must appeal to your generosity and support in our effort to find new homes for a growing number of animals. If you have already adopted a Galgo, please tell your neighbours and friends of these great animals for they really are wonderful friends for life. And all you who are in a position to reach into your wallets please bear in mind that there are hundreds of Galgos and other breeds and mix breed dogs in the Medina area that are in urgent need of your support.

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