The official international Scooby Christmas cards

A set of 4 different folded cards in DIN long format with Christmas greetings in 6 languages (English, Spanish, Dutch, German, French, Italian), 4 envelopes are included.

With these print things it is always the problem that, the less you order, the more expensive it gets, because they need to set up the machines and that is what you mainly pay for.

So for getting a reasonable price that will also enable us to make a bit profit for our animals, we had to order 300 sets.

So now we count on you to help us selling them all.

The price for one set is 2,50 €

but you get 5 sets for 10,00 € (plus postage, depends on where you order from)

That´s to call a big deal!

And if you order a calendar and the Christmas cards together, you save quite some postage, so we can only recommend that;-)

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